Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Echo

Title: Echo
Author: Kate Morgenroth
Young Adult


How can I know what's going to happen? 

But somehow he did know. The feeling was like deja vu but stronger...and scarier. It told him that without a doubt something was going to happen. And it was going to be bad.


In the year since Justin's younger brother, Mark, died in a horrific accident, Justin's life has unraveled. Justin used to be one of the school's star athletes, but now he's not even on any of the teams. He used to be part of the popular crowd, but now everyone at school treats him like he's a monster. He used to date one of the prettiest girls at school, but now she will barely speak to him. Then on the anniversary of his brother's death he gets into a fight with his former best friend, and things spiral out of control -- with terrible consequences. But that's not the worst. Now Justin is hearing a voice that's making him relive the day of the accident over and over again. 

My Thoughts:

It was hard to get into the book. I'm not one for repetition but I thought this novel would at least relive the day with a few differences somewhere. Instead I ended up skipping paragraphs because they were exactly the same as the ones ten or so pages ago and that left the novel with a loose hold on me. I didn't find much of a plot to this whole story. Everything was 'tell, then some words from the narrative, then more telling, etc'. What Justin narratived also wasn't powerful to me, not even heartfelt or mind-changing. Not only that, but I couldn't bring myself to remotely connect and like Justin. He responded in realistic ways but some were just hard to find believeable judging from what he went through.

The ending could have been better; there was loose ends and a less than believable conclusion---it was difficult to digest. Morgenroth should have skipped the "shocking  twist" (quote from a reader) and focused more on a kid struggling to live after witnessing such a horrible event.

My Rating: 2.5

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