Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: The V Club

Title: The V Club
Author: Kate Brian
Young Adult


Mandy, Kai, Debbie, and Eva have one thing they must do before the prestigious Treemont scholarship. It's a free pass to the college of their choice. But the award has one very bizarre requirement: "Purity of soul and body."In an effort to proclaim their "purity" to the whole school, Mandy starts the Virginity Club. The friends agree that a social service club is a great idea, but agreeing to keep the big V until graduation is another story. Because Mandy, Kai, Debbie, and Eva are each hiding something from the others. Something important.

And their secrets may cost them a whole lot more than just a scholarship....

My Thoughts:

The V Club centers around four girls. Each have their own personality and lifestyle that lets readers connect to---and often more than--- one of them. The idea behind the story is an interesting one although I don't believe Kate Brian delivered the story with huge impact.

Drama was woven into the book leaving interest to the reader and the focal shift from one character to the next created some edge-of-your-seat suspense and slight annoyance. However the drama mostly felt petty as if it was surprising that senior girls managed this drama and took it seriously. More often than not, the drama dragged on more than it should have. If these girls were surely true to each other, even somewhat to the newer friend, than a confortation or confession was needed in the beginning not when all hell basicaly broke loose. Then again, I guess the novel wouldn't have the impact that was meant to be...dramatic, for a lack of a better word.

I could handle the silly drama. In fact, I enjoyed The V Club up until the end. Everything fell together in the exact most perfect way that could happen to each character. It was just not fully realstic and I would be more annoyed by it if the characters I wanted to be a couple didn't end up together. Still pushing it though.

Overall, The V Club offered a plot designed for drama and happy ending lovers. The only downside was the silliness of the "fights" and the ending itself.

My Rating: 3

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