Saturday, March 29, 2014

Unintentional Mini Break is Over

Welp I certainly didn't plan to be gone for so long but school is quite a killer of time. However things are winding down a some so I made a little promise to myself that I will post at least twice a week even if it's just the "Things I Found c;" 

You'll be seeing more of me that is giveaways hopefully, maybe I'll be a part of cover reveals and blog tours. And reviews of course!

Ahh the life of blogging; gotta love it cx

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: He Loves Me Not (Lily's Story, Book 1)

Title: He Loves Me Not 

Author:Christine Kersey
New Adult


Lily Jamison is all alone in the world. As a new student at the University of Nevada at Reno, she doesn't know a soul. Though she's come to get an education, she is sidetracked by the attentions of a mysterious blond man with piercing blue eyes.

Even as she begins falling for him, she receives ominous messages warning her to stay away. Refusing to believe the messages, she follows her heart, eventually coming to understand the meaning behind the warnings as she fears for her life.

My Thoughts:

I'm not sure where to begin with this one. Honestly, practically everything is wrong with this book. There was grammar and spelling errors, as well as too much repetition. Even most of the dialogue was hard to believe since this book focuses on college students. The time frame was ridiculous; I believe (and yes I'm not going back to double check) every chapter had things along the line of "after awhile, a few weeks/days later" with no break --- it was right in the next paragraph. I just don't like that in any writing at all.

The characters were impossible to like. At times I could understand Lily's reasoning because of her lack of social skills. However, it doesn't take long before it get a tinie, tinie bit annoying. Some were there because the novel would be unrealistic *resist eye roll* with just a few people. Others seemed to be created for dialogues and thought and or decision provokers, such as Alyssa and Justin. Frankly, Kersey is the first author to write characters that I found flat, unwanted, and cardboard like.

He Love Me Not has no life to it. I struggled to get through it, I struggled to not to get rid of it. I'm sorry Kersey,

My Rating: 2

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stacking the Sounds

Stacking the Sounds is something I started with no reason other than "why not?" ^.<
Every Saturday or so I post up songs I found or finally got to downloading This week:

 Franky- Complicated
 Avicii- Wake Me Up

Finally Downloaded:
 Colby O' Donis ft Akon- What You Got
 Avril Lavigne- Complicated
 The Script- Break even
 Train- Drive-by

That's about it for me this past week; what about you c: ?

Be a Dearie and Help Me?

Just serious randomness; I recently got a new email program thing for my laptop and I just wanna see if it'll actually send e-books successfully. If you're interested in this 10-minute kind of 'test' send me a message. If the e-book doesn't send I'll give some PDF file instead. That should send (hopefully ^^'').

The e-book is Delicate Rain by Mitchell Goth

  Rain Phillipa has always been an adventurous teenager, but when her adventures get her in hot water with the authorities as well as her family, she feels her only option is to run away. Soon finding herself in the heart of Kansas City, Rain is taken in by a secretive criminal operation who show her the life she's always wanted; drugs, parties, and violence quickly encapsulate her world. But when her family's search for her continues gaining volunteers and media attention and the secrecy of the criminal organization is directly endangered Rain can't help but wonder if this life of adventure and excess can really last forever.

The PDF file I have is  Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals) by Morgan Rice


In TURNED (Book #1 of the Vampire Journals series), eighteen year old Caitlin Paine finds herself uprooted from her nice suburb and forced to attend a dangerous New York City high school when her Mom moves again. The one ray of light in her new surroundings is Jonah, a new classmate who takes an instant liking to her.
But before their romance can blossom, Caitlin suddenly finds herself changing. She is overcome by a superhuman strength, a sensitivity to light, a desire to feed--by feelings she does not understand. She seeks answers to what's happening to her, and her cravings lead her to the wrong place at the wrong time. Her eyes are opened to a hidden world, right beneath her feet, thriving underground in New York City. She finds herself caught between two dangerous covens, right in the middle of a vampire war.

It is at this moment that Caitlin meets Caleb, a mysterious and powerful vampire who rescues her from the dark forces. He needs her to help lead him to the legendary lost artifact. And she needs him for answers, and for protection. Together, they will need to answer one crucial question: who was her real father?

But Caitlin finds herself caught between two men as something else arises between them: a forbidden love. A love between the races that will risk both of their lives, and will force them to decide whether to risk it all for each other…

My email is on the side if you are interested!