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Review: The Tragedy of Woman

Title: The Tragedy of Woman
Author: Ray Dacolias


Oscine is born with a hereditary illness that compels her parents to ignore and despise her; consequently, she grows up waiting for that one special person who will rescue her from loneliness and allow her to truly experience the world. She communes with Nature in ways that mystify those around her and is revered in her neighborhood and at school for her good deeds.

Oscine eventually leaves home, becomes a nurse, marries, and has three children; yet it is a marriage without love, and her husband treats her as if she is a bondservant. And then she meets Abraham, a kind, caring doctor, and the two fall in love, but she vows never to leave her husband because she believes in the sanctity of marriage. Abraham consults with Eli, his best friend, a rich, handsome and charming rogue with the ladies, who tells him how to win over Oscine. But Abraham is unable to follow this advice. Meanwhile, the marriage between Heath and Oscine continues to disintegrate, and he begins to treat her worse than ever. Oscine still loves Abraham but now wants to stay in the marriage only for her children.

Will Oscine leave a man who cares more for his precious cars than his own wife? Will Abraham take charge and rescue Oscine from a man who does not care about her physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual well-being the way he does? And what will happen to Eli as he observes this great love between Abraham and Oscine? Will he change his attitude that women are merely conquests, to be cast off once they are conquered, and give them the honor and respect they are due?

My Thoughts: 

I put this book off for the longest time before I finally decided to see what I had got. This book absolutely blew my minds at some points; I literally slowed down my pace to make sure I got every single word. It has been too long since a book gave me so many emotions at once. I adored, cried, sympathized and cared for Oscine. She went through a lot during her life and deserved the very best. Sadly, that is not what she got often until Abraham came in. Now their love was not insta-love --- at least that's how I see it. The relationship was a slow, practically perfect build up of love.

My only problem with Oscine: she just couldn't seem to understand that Heath was not worthy. She just "had to work things out and do better for her husband". Those were 'bleh' moments for me. In fact, it appeared as if she was convinced of her so called place (her husband was a complete sexist butt). I know Obscine was a character whom was lovely, caring and everything good but she irritated me when she tried to reason or play off Heath's actions/words. And Abraham was patiently waiting but he wasn't a good guy throughout the whole novel, though.

He did more then irritate me, Abraham ticked me off. Obscine was left in a lonely state mainly because of him at times. If he truly cared for her then he would have ignored his bundle emotions (when he and his friend finally found her...yeah read the book o.o) and not make the biggest mistake of all! Obscine, had she been coherent, never would have approved of what Abraham did. Anybody would know this because she loved her kids deeply.

Abraham, at times, of course, and repetition of sorts were my main irritants. Oh! Can't forget the big shocker in the book two section , that I didn't see coming, which lead to the saddest shocker I also didn't see.

The title doesn't kid; tragedies are woven everywhere. Definitely not for the light-hearted.

My Rating: 3.5

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