Monday, August 11, 2014

Review (Mini) : Rogue

Title: Rogue
Author: P.A Minyard

Blurb: Bound by the attributes of valor and compassion, the Beloved are sent by the Father to battle demons head on in order to help those in greatest need. But as their prowess and power grows they face a new threat, their own weaknesses.

Major Daniel Parker's life changes in an instant when he comes to the aid of one his soldiers. In a flash, Major Parker transforms from a Union Officer fighting in the Civil War to a Beloved. But Daniel's thirst for power clouds his judgment leaving him damned to an eternal hell of suffering and remorse at the hands of an ancient demon. His only chance at salvation now lies with his younger brother,Jonathan.

No matter the price, Jonathan will not abandon Daniel. But does he have the strength and courage to save his brother?Can he overcome the temptations that consumed Daniel or will he become a victim as well? The scar upon his chest is the key to who he must become.

Contrasting the valiant qualities of the Beloved with the vicious intent of the demons, Rogue inextricably weaves real-life battles of the Union and Confederate armies with the mystical wars between demons and the Beloved.

My Thoughts:

Rogue wasn't for me; that was the most disappointing to realize as I neared to the end of the story. There had been so many positive reviews for Minyard's novel. Unfortunately, I cannot be one. During the beginning chapters I was hooked. Finally, after so long, a historical novel had my full attention, mixing with paranormal or spiritual (however you wish to describe the demons and the Beloved).

After awhile that reasoning couldn't keep me going at my usual pace. It took me a few weeks to finish Rogue because I lost feelings for the characters; I was no longer sympathetic, happy, angry, etc. with anyone involved. I trudged on because I couldn't leave a book unread.

My Rating: 2.5

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